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How to Start Earning:

Select your desired currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, etc

You need to have your own coin address for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin

There are 3 things to do to complete and get some coins from faucet site:

1 - Paste your address in the coin address text box (use your own coin address)

2 - Solve the captcha (captcha is a test to determine whether or not the user is human)

3 - Click the "Get Reward" button or the "Submit" button.

more faucets will be added soon!

For start select: your desired currency below.

BTC Faucets list

It is the most populous Bitcoin Faucets.

Site Rewards Withdraw
Free Bitcoin 200 Dircet
Solebtc 300 Direct
Smashbtc 500 Dircet
Boxbtc 200 Dircet
Battlebit 150 Dircet
Yannik 350 Faucetbox

Litecoin Faucets list

There are tones of the largest population Litecoin Faucets.

Site Rewards Withdraw
Moonliteco 30000 Dircet
Boxlite 300 Dircet
Soleltc 3000 Dircet

Doge Faucets list

It is the center of the Greater Doge Area, and the most populous Dogecoin Facutes in the world.

Site Rewards Withdraw
Free Dogecoin 3 Dircet
Moondoge 1 Dircet
Soledoges 2 Dircet
Boxdoge 2.5 Dircet
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